Miss Surabhi Khanal

  • State Bagmati
  • Hometown Kathmandu
  • Age 22
  • Instagram _surabhi_

Meet Surabhi

Destined to make positive change, this 22-year-old earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Emory University, and will begin working toward earning her Master’s and Dcotorate. As Miss Nepal US, she spoke to today’s youth about being present in every moment and will encourage others to cherish the time they have with those they love most. Surabhi Khanal is not someone who is content standing on the sidelines saddened by circumstances, she must take action. She has been an active spokesperson for the past seven years for women empowerment and sexual assault and has created an opportunity to help others with her platform.


  • I am passionate about art and poetry. Some of my favorite poets include Ghalib, Maya Angelou, and my father. My favorite art would have to be the Parisian sunflower series by Van Gogh.
  • If I could any job in the world it would either be to become a famous leader, like the POTUS or a social worker.
  • As a Nepali, obviously I love momo. My favorite type of momo is jhol momo!